Stuff I found lying around


If I knew how
I'd sit on the
lip of the roof
of your building
and play the guitar,
singing something
sweet and dumb
about your eyes
and how they look like
the piece of the river
I can see from here.
And later I would
go down
to your apartment
happily sunburned,
with some sangria
and highway fumes
in my shirt for you
to pick out and braid
in our hair
while the kettle boils.

Emergency Kit

In case of power outage
please smile
until the generator kicks in.

Stock Photo Stories

There are a lot of weird stock photos out there. Their stories need to be heard. These are all exactly 100 words long because not every picture is worth 1000 words.

My Arguments for Liking Songs that No One Else Likes

Crash Into Me

Truly Madly Deeply

My Heart Will Go On

Bad Day

The Scientist

Crank That

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